Rise against humans..!

MICAT - Creative Story Writing 20.12.2012. He knows this date. They are coming! No one is going to survive! Mr. Johnson couldn’t believe what he was viewing. Being an ex-army officer, he knew how to combat this situation. But, holy crap! He looks around and no one is alive. They aren’t killed but murdered. He still hears distant voices. He feels something is ringing and there is a continuous sound playing in his head. Torturing him. It is the rise of the machines against mankind. However, he sees no robots or guns around. Still there is something ringing. He is unable to understand. He’s never been so confused and scared. And out of nowhere he sees a herd of dogs with blood on their teeth. It reminds him of the movie Breed. The dogs are tearing apart the human flesh. Oh wait. He now understands, it is not the wrath of god or nature nor the rise of machines, it is the rise of animals against humans. He sees vultures and eagles torturing humans. A group of vultures are attacking him. He is not surrounded though. He has dogs behind him and while running, he thinks that why are the animals killing only men and not women. He tries to console himself that the animals are not against the humans. Oh no! He sees an angel killing females. “Cupids are supposed to be good, right?!”, he shouts. But there is no one to hear him out. “It is a planned attack.”, he cries. He hears women screaming their heart out. This is the real wrath of animals. He is going to die. No one will survive this attack. He still keeps running and running. That sound is killing him mentally and the animals are hungry for his blood. Eventually, he sees a chimpanzee with a gun. His t-shirt reads ‘being animal’. Is this a joke? He never had imagined this sight ever. Mr. Johnson stops and looks in his eyes. Anger and pain is all he can see. The bullet is racing towards Mr. Johnson, the high-pitched sound is killing him, the dogs are still chasing him and the vultures want to see him die. He was the last man standing now. And he sweating and his wife is shouting,”Johnson, Johnson!” He wakes up and stops the alarm. He is frightened. He hugs his wife. “All are alive and everything is fine!”, he exclaims. She says, “Get ready for work, you silly fellow.”


Author: kushalmehta3

I started this blog a couple of years ago to attempt my hand at writing and talk about stuff that you miss on out learning. I am now attempting to convert this to a one stop shop for information related to not just sales, marketing, trade marketing, media and so on but also my observation about things under the sun. To introduce myself, I am a mechanical engineer (fortunately!) from VIT (Pune) and completed my MBA from MICA. I have worked with Kirloskar Group, Cetking, Maersk Line, Sounds of Silence and Honda. Currently, I work with Netcore Solutions with expertise in Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Performance Marketing & Marketing Automation. I enjoy making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about anything related psychology, startups, trekking, animal welfare or making this world a better place to live in.

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