Law of Reflection

Her elusive smile and sharp features won hearts. The dress played some kind of black magic and tamed everyone’s minds. Everyone adored her beauty; there is something oddly charming about her. She could hypnotize men just by looking at them. Her enticing eyes could pierce through anyone’s mind to know their motives. Her glowing white skin made men dream to feel her; touch her. Her mysterious and secretive nature made her even more attractive. Her deep dark secrets were like nuggets of gold and she never shared it with anyone. Her calm exterior is coupled with a confused and vengeful interior. Her expressions conveyed her emotions but people never noticed it. All only appreciated her beauty and forgot “beauty is skin deep”. Her controlled and composed movements effortlessly controlled people’s body language. It was like all were slaves to her body language. She could read eyes and it always made her feel that people’s eyes reflected what she wanted to see. There were many subtle indications which no one ever realized.

She secretly is searching for love and romance. Such unconditional love, she thought no one had to offer. It was all about her physical appearance and nothing beyond that. Her restless soul wanted to unite with the one made for her. She had everything one could dream of having but her skeptic attitude left her feeling alone. She thought to herself, people around her behaved the way she would like them to and not be their true self. She never wanted to change people but as soon as one met her, they were her slaves. Her beautiful exterior was undoubtedly god-gifted. Sometimes, she wished humans had a heart like a mirror which reflected the truth. The truth she never wanted to accept. This made life difficult for her. Her inner one had mixed emotions about almost everything. She never understood that till she doesn’t accept herself as she is, no one can help her out.

At this moment, she feels like being away from the world to introspect. She wants to know herself better and accept herself the way she is. She has no one whom she can trust and talk to. She kept staring at the mirror as if it radiated energy and showed her true self. She knows that a mirror behaves in a very predictable manner. It only showed her image.  She wants to know her reason of being so she can find all what she has lost. She looks at herself and observes her own expression. She wants to understand all what is going on in her mind and heart but in vain.

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Mutual Distrust

Goa. This three-letter word takes our minds to a state of trance. Our minds create imagery which is utterly sublime. Sunburn, undoubtedly is the best time to be in Goa. All succumb to vocals, poignant sounds and ethereal soundscapes.

They have been to Goa many times but never during Sunburn. It was Dec’ 2009 and they were adamant in their decision to experience, one of the World’s best music festival. They eventually did make it to Sunburn but the memories of this trip are dreadful. They never in their dreams could think of such an incident. The electronic music dominated him and he became submissive to it. He lost his mind in the amalgamation of music, booze and DRUGS. The excitement being a part of Sunburn conquered him and he was enjoying the high which took away his soul from his body. Candolim – The beach were this music festival originated and it is the brainchild of Shailendra Singh of Percept, in partnership with Nikhil Chinappa. In a few hours, there would be pin drop silence in Candolim as it was the last day of Sunburn. The people still enjoyed the sounds of silence as drugs had altered their perception and consciousness. He wanted to be alone and planned to take a walk on the seashore. He couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of the water. The sounds of the waves were hypnotizing him. The sky was pitch black and he felt like flying away. The water touched his feet and it was so soothing. His mind controlled his body and he took a dip in the water. The cold and tranquil water was troubled by his presence. He thought he was flying and enjoyed the sense of being free. He felt something was not right. A blast of emotions from his past filled his heart as his breath slowed down. He was bordered by water as if it had engulfed him. And within a few minutes, all his senses stopped and he was liberated.

The water of Candolim has lost my friend’s trust. His brother like friend had gone forever. In his tearful eyes, I can see the black clouds of wrath wanting to rip the water apart, and steal his friend. He feels the water yelling that it didn’t trust his friend’s motives either. He never enjoys the water of Candolim Beach as there is some mutual distrust.

I, all the time think to myself, whether it is possible for him to forgive and overcome this mutual distrust?

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Are you also AFRAID?

He is my closest friend. We share everything life has to offer; joy, sorrow, our interests. I have known him for a really long time now. I wanted to help him. There was something taking a toll over him. I asked him a couple of times but every time he ignored it but his eyes are a doorway to his soul. In his eyes, I could see pain, guilt, angst but not a sign of bliss. I wasn’t asking him something which would embarrass him. I just asked him, how Mary was doing. Mary, the girl he loved more than anything. When they decided to spend their whole life together, he made me feel as if he had found the treasure he was looking for. I could sense his feeling of content with life.

It’s been only a few months with Mary and his behavior has changed drastically. He has started smoking more than ever. He claims that he is suffering from insomnia so he needs a peg of whiskey regularly. He said those dreadful eyes were haunting him. He said he couldn’t look into Mary’s eyes anymore. His life was in a mess. He had everything one could dream of having; a perfect balance of social and professional life. I thought to myself, what could go wrong. Mary was the girl he loved and I was his closest friend. I felt he was hiding something from both of us. Something he is ashamed of, something he never thought he could do. I had to get in touch with Mary. Mary never imagined that he can be in such a state of wretchedness. I told her everything I had observed about him in the last few months. It had been a rough time for him. Hearing this she broke into tears. She was scared if he loved her but she had to face him with courage and ask about his problem. We went to meet him at his place.

Seeing Mary, his face showed mixed emotions. He wanted to tell her something but didn’t have the guts. He hugged her and cried his heart out. I left the room. Standing outside, I was thinking to myself, why be it so tough for us to open up to the people we love? Is it because we are afraid to lose them? We seldom realize, the people who fall in love with us have accepted all the good and bad in us. After a while, Mary came up to me and assured that he’ll be fine now. I didn’t ask what it was that troubled him. I knew there is a thin line between friendship and love.

And now, he seems quite fine. We never spoke about his recurring dream and those awful eyes which haunted him. He meets Mary everyday and returns home with a big smile. His eyes said it all. He overcame his fear and loved Mary even more.

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About My Daughter

It was Pauline’s 24th birthday and her mother as always did everything to make it the most wonderful day. After her father’s death, Pauline was everything for her mother; her love and her life. Her mother’s life revolved around her. They were not very well off but she gave her daughter the best in life. Pauline wore branded clothes; she went to the best school and college, ate at expensive restaurants and lived life to the fullest.

Now, she is a computer engineer and works in Seldon Technologies. They worked very hard all their life. Pauline studied hard to be successful so she doesn’t have to face the hardships her mum went through. Her mum also worked a lot to meet the financial ends. Many times, they were too exhausted to talk to each other. As a result, many emotions remained hidden. Now her mum is growing old and Pauline is her only friend. Pauline doesn’t realize that her mum is getting lonely being at home all day.

As a child, Pauline saw her mum writing before going to bed. She wrote everyday. After their loss, Pauline had an emotional void which she tried fulfilling by getting ambitious day after day. She couldn’t give time to her mum to sit and converse with her.

Her mum intuitively feels that she might not be with Pauline to celebrate her 25th birthday. Pauline always asked about the diary her mum wrote. Her mother thought that the diary would be the best gift for her daughter.

A woman’s feelings are seldom false. Her mother passed away a few months before her birthday. Pauline turned 25 today and really missed her mum. Suddenly it struck her that her mum’s diary is kept in the drawer. She opened the diary and to her surprise, it was a book titled – “About my Daughter”

She went to her mum’s favorite place; the nearby beach and took a few days off from work to read the book. Her mum had written everything about Pauline. She read about her past when her mum explained how cute and sweet she was as a kid. Pauline read how much her mother appreciated her present life. Though her mother felt lonely, she praised Pauline for working day and night. After reading Pauline understood, she should have given a bit more time to her mother. And as she read further, she found that her mother also wrote about her future. Her mother wrote about all events that she would miss being with Pauline. Events like her marriage, her kids etc. She also wrote how Pauline would be the best mum and the best wife one could ever get. Reading this Pauline couldn’t stop her tears. Her mother’s love for her knew no bounds. Pauline realized her mother wanted to live and be with her forever. She had so much to tell that the time they lived together wasn’t enough.

She sits at the beach and reflects. She can see her future now. She will never get lost in life as the book will be her guide. Whenever she feels lonely and tired, she reads the book. Her mother is always there for her.

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