The challenge is to link all the images to create a story!

We live our lives in parts and if we look back, we realize how our perception of fun, thrill, entertainment and satisfaction changes. As children, we used to wait for our school bus as the journey from our house to school was our definition of fun. When we entered college, celebrating birthdays by buying expensive cakes or dining at the most expensive restaurants was our new definition of fun. In fact, it was not only about dining but since we were eligible to drink, we had to order wine, especially red wine to show some standard. Subsequently, we entered the corporate world with loads of files, folders, excel sheets etc. which demanded so much and enervated us. Some of us also would fall short of stationery like staple pins, paper clips etc. for submission of our work for approval and gradually fun was redefined. College boys turned into urbane men who needed more thrill to take their minds off from the constant work emails. Nothing better than a roller coaster was the solution to that. For girls who were working women now, generally used shopping as a way to alleviate stress. I am sure all the websites like, etc. made their life simpler. Now they could order almost anything online; be it a pair of stilettos, a dress and any accessory to go along with it. Being in a corporate attire for almost a week, shopping something new for their wardrobe was ethereal. But I guess, that’s what life is all about. If life had to be constant then most of the businesses would shut down and new fields of study would never evolve. Nothing would remain to titillate our brain. We could never have understood the power of subjects like economics, management, psychology etc. which are based on social dynamics. To summarize, a leaf has dry to give way to new life. It will change its colors from green to orange to yellow and, we know each leaf with an unique color represents the beauty of nature. Similarly, each step of our lives substantiates the beauty of life itself.


Author: kushalmehta3

I started this blog a couple of years ago to attempt my hand at writing and talk about stuff that you miss on out learning. I am now attempting to convert this to a one stop shop for information related to not just sales, marketing, trade marketing, media and so on but also my observation about things under the sun. To introduce myself, I am a mechanical engineer (fortunately!) from VIT (Pune) and completed my MBA from MICA. I have worked with Kirloskar Group, Cetking, Maersk Line, Sounds of Silence and Honda. Currently, I work with Netcore Solutions with expertise in Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Performance Marketing & Marketing Automation. I enjoy making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about anything related psychology, startups, trekking, animal welfare or making this world a better place to live in.

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