Entrepreneurial Dream..

MICAT - Creative Story WritingSeeing the advertisement featuring her story, Natalie couldn’t be more proud of herself. The advertisement campaign was launched by a milk brand named Got Milk. Enjoying the ethereal view outside her bungalow, she remembered her childhood days when she used to cycle across the bridge, all the way to the other end of the city to play basketball. She was very passionate about the game and her dad supported all through her journey from being a school team player to owning her own team. Her dad, Ted, was a milkman and worked very hard to make ends meet. Although he always wanted Natalie to become a successful business woman, he never stopped her from taking basketball as career. Its been fifteen years and he has never regretted his decision. Natalie after winning the most important game of her career against the Shouting Skulls was asked to manage the team from the front. She did everything she could for her team. She wrote articles in various newspapers about the her team’s achievements. She never missed out clicking pictures of important milestones of her club and always created fond memories that all her peers could cherish. This attitude maintained the health and vitality of her organisation. Her relentless work towards her entrepreneurial venture was coming to notice. Mr. Portman, the head of Raatchi and Raatchi saw the efforts of Natalie and arranged a meeting with her. He explained how he had taken up a contract from Got Milk to launch their new product and how Natalie’s story would work wonders. He explained the concepts of associated marketing and Natalie without any doubt offered to use her story to market the milk brand. Ted sees the little girl in the advertisement and cannot stop his tears. Natalie asks, “What’s the matter?”. Ted replies, “I’m lucky to see your childhood days again and again.” They sit for a while enjoying their juice and as always, she rushes to work.


Author: kushalmehta3

I started this blog a couple of years ago to attempt my hand at writing and talk about stuff that you miss on out learning. I am now attempting to convert this to a one stop shop for information related to not just sales, marketing, trade marketing, media and so on but also my observation about things under the sun. To introduce myself, I am a mechanical engineer (fortunately!) from VIT (Pune) and completed my MBA from MICA. I have worked with Kirloskar Group, Cetking, Maersk Line, Sounds of Silence and Honda. Currently, I work with Netcore Solutions with expertise in Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Performance Marketing & Marketing Automation. I enjoy making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk about anything related psychology, startups, trekking, animal welfare or making this world a better place to live in.

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